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Richardson Construction, Inc. is a general contractor with experience in commercial and residential properties, new construction, and renovations. Our commitment to a quality construction project is to bring true craftsmanship to the project, maintain the budget, and bring the project to completion on time. Our employees have varied work experience which helps provide solutions to problems and the ability to avoid issues during a project. Many of our projects have been design-build to assist owners in creating a vision within a determined budget and timeline.

Not only do we have numerous customers that come back to us for additional business, but we frequently do work for the subcontractors we work with. Our repeat customers include, but are not limited to, Sierra Trading Post, Wyoming Machinery, the Church of Latter Day Saints, Wallick and Volk, Maury Brown, and Cheyenne LEADS. We have also performed work on a personal level such as building custom homes for the owners of Puma Steel, Mechanical Systems Inc., and Mead Lumber.

Richardson Construction