Jonah Bank of Wyoming

The frontier spirit is alive and well and can be felt all throughout Jonah Bank's newest facility located on Storey Boulevard in the Storey Acres business complex in Cheyenne. The 17,000 square foot structure is comprised of a post-and-beam, steel joist framed, steel and concrete deck, and steel stud framed building finished with decorative masonry stone veneer on the exterior. RCI self-performed backfill, compaction, grading, concrete flatwork, paving, steel deck, and concrete floor slab operations during the initial phases of construction. Structure framing included steel beams, steel columns, steel joists, steel stud framing, and wood roof trusses. Completion of the project saw interior finishing consisting of c.m.u. veneer, cultured stone, storefront doors and windows, wood clad windows, glazing, wood doors, crown molding, acoustical ceiling, granite countertops, decorative laminates, and wood outriggers, trusses, and columns. This project was recently completed in 2009 and is highlighted as a showpiece of RCI's capabilities and talents.

Location:  Cheyenne, Wyoming
Client:  Jonah Bank of Wyoming
Architect/Engineer:  Stateline No. 7 Architects

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